I’m Emma Joleen and I’d like to teach you secrets that most singers never learn.

Some years ago, I reached the stage where I couldn’t sing anymore. I had been trained to sing by world class opera singers, but not in a manner that transferred easily to multiple styles. I was eager to learn about healthy singing and enjoy singing without the fear of judgment or being off pitch and out of tune that I made a decision to figure it out for myself and that’s what I’m here to help you to do too.

Are you the type of person who reads every book? Studies every course? Attends every seminar? Participates in every masterclass? 

Have you traveled the world in search of truth and answers? Longing to feed your passion!

I read every book, travelled the world attending courses, programs, degrees, seminars and listened to every audio and video program about the voice and singing.

I’m sure you can guess what happened?

It was all the same. Nothing really worked for me.

Some of it scratched the surface, some things helped, but most of the time, it just didn’t feel right.

That led me to a comparative analysis of an experiment with all the expert ideas that are out there in the world of singing. Watching and listening, I learned many things far beyond my imagination.....

Are You Ready To Begin Learning
How to Bring Out The Full Potential
Of Your Voice?

I want to share these secrets with you, including:
  • How to learn to sing from the absolute basics
  • How to approach your voice as a beginner and what to look out for
  • How to sing vocal exercises for warming up and cooling down the voice
  • How to sing songs and enjoy hearing your singing voice
  • How to approach your voice and sing confidently
  • How to eliminate your fear of singing, no matter how unsuccessful you’ve been in the past
  • How to eliminate performance anxiety and sing with ease 
  • How to sing in tune so that you’re not the tone deaf karaoke singer
  • The best ways to ensure healthy singing longevity, no matter how difficult it’s been for you to sing in the past

I’m also going to send you a free report by email called "The 10 most dangerous mistakes that people make with singing" and it’s going to teach you all about the mistakes that men and women make, and how to avoid them.

So enter your name and email below, and take the first step in learning how to sing and bring your voice to life.

Emma Joleen is a great teacher with a great technique that guides your voice in the right direction, allowing you to experience optimal vocal quality and sing with an extended range in a much healthier and expressive singing voice. Singing in tune will become effortless as you learn what it means to become a vocal athlete. Start learning how to sing today from the woman who retaught herself how to speak and sing after losing her voice and being mute for an entire year.
"The Human Voice is really the foundation of all music;
and whatever the development of the musical art,
however bold the composer's combinations,
however brilliant the virtuoso's execution,
in the end, they must always return to the standard set
by Vocal music" - Richard Wagner
After being unable to sing and speak for a year, Emma took it upon herself to research and develop a fresh, new approach to singing that could be applied to both, the singing, and the speaking voice. It is all about training your body as an instrument for vocal production. Emma began her vocal coaching career with the sole promise to pass on the techniques that she learned from the great masters in Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. As a vocal pedagogue and teaching artist, Emma teaches singing from the perspective of playing sports such as cricket, cross-country skiing, rowing and/or marathons. This is because these sports all require endurance as a major element in achieving peak performance.
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Emma Joleen performed for years in the classical/operatic arena when the penultimate singer’s tragedy struck: She lost her voice. The Aussie musician spent the next year developing her songwriting savvy, penning a stack of savvy compositions—just in time for her voice to return. As a result, Joleen’s 11-track self-titled CD is not only a showcase of her vocal talents, but a calling card of her prose—and the accolades are unending, with a number of the tracks scoring songwriter awards around the world, including a trophy from the Australian Songwriters Assn. as Songwriter of the Year. Lovely ballad “Hello and Goodbye”—which hit No. 1 on the Australian internet radio chart, a rare accomplishment for an indie artist—offers a timeless love song, epic and sky-scraping as it builds to a satisfying climax. Likewise, “Sound of Love” is an elegant, jazz-suffused Sunday brunch buddy. On the other side of the tempo spectrum, “Supergirl,” nominated for a prize at the 17th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards, is an energetic anthem, saucy and sexy, with a churning cacophony of frenetic instrumentation; while the winking, mischievous “Pussycat” sounds as if it could have come from the Katy Perry songbook, as Joleen purrs, “I want to lie down in your lap, I want to feel you stroke my back.” The versatility continues with the giddy piano-driven “Dream of You,” which opens with a vintage AM radio vibe, and sounds like a triumph from Delta Goodrem's catalog; and “Love You,” a straight-ahead pop triumph, with a smooth groove conjuring elements of classic ‘70s soul. Joleen certainly understands the variables of succeeding in the music business; she is professionally imaged and packaged to perfection. With proper promotion and marketing—and a push toward flaunting her wares in a public setting—the singer/songwriter could see her star rise.

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